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About Us

Welcome to TILM CONTRACTORS, a Danish-based powerhouse specialized in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Project Management. At TILM, we are dedicated to developing renewable energy projects and fostering global trade with a commitment to sustainable projects. Our endeavours are facilitated through a robust network of Credit Financing, Guarantors, and Insurance Companies, all aimed at benefiting our esteemed Global Customers

Global Reach and Sustainability:

TILM Contractors stands out by not only embracing global diversity but also by actively contributing to a sustainable future. We engage with customers from multiple countries, weaving together an international collaboration that prioritizes green practices. Our strategy involves spreading risk while maintaining a steadfast commitment to environmentally friendly projects.

Key Features

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Danish Excellence:

Green Innovation:

Rooted in Denmark, we have a strong relationship with several Danish exporters and vendors and bring in a touch of Danish excellence to every project and partnership.

From renewable energy to sustainable projects, we thrive on innovative solutions for environmentally conscious infrastructure challenges.

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Risk Mitigation:


Our global reach, key affiliations, and diverse expertise in several EPCM projects enables us to effectively manage and mitigate risks while promoting sustainability.

Leveraging our extensive network of Credit Financing, Guarantors, and Insurance Companies, we ensure the success of global ventures with a green touch.

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Our Vision

Is a world where sustainable Infrastructure is being developed, built and operated for the prosperity of all people in Emerging Markets, so that the generations of today and the future will have a better life.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leader in the creation, development and management of affordable infrastructure, energy, water and services in Emerging Markets.

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Our Core Values

  1. Integrity, Trust, and Excellence: Upholding unwavering integrity, credibility, and recognizing trust as our most valuable asset, we commit to delivering excellence in every project.
  2. Timely Precision and Quality Commitment: Honoring time commitments and ensuring timely deliveries with precision, we adhere to the highest industry standards for quality.
  3. Resilience, Adaptability, and Conviction: Persevering in the face of challenges, strategically adapting for success, and trusting our convictions, every decision is made with accountability to ourselves and stakeholders.
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Our Green Commitment

TILM Contractors places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. We specialize in developing large-scale EPCM Projects, with a primary focus on renewable energy. Our green portfolio includes projects in the realm of solar and wind energy, alongside commitments to electrical transmission, metering systems, water projects, and various other infrastructure projects.

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We know the importance of finishing EPCM projects on time while being sustainable

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Renewable Energy (Solar & Wind)

Wind turbine solar panel renewable energy
Solar Panel and Wind Turbine

Power Transmission & Distribution

Power Distribution Tower
power distribution electric grid line

Water & Waste Management

Aerial View Recirculation Sedimentation Tank, Water Treatment Plant for Big City from Water Management
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Food & Agri Processing

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Solar & Wind Energy – Our mission is to make solar energy available for everyone, everywhere, even in remote areas without a grid connection, while removing the need for polluting diesel generators. We started trade in photovoltaic components to soon grow into a developer and installer of bespoke turnkey off-grid and on-grid photovoltaic systems

Power Transmission & Distribution – The resources for electricity generation are generally unevenly dispersed and concentrated in a few pocket in any geography. Hence, the Power Transmission & Distribution is as important as power generation providing power access to the masses. Have excellent network for the successful implementation of T&D lines across globe.

Water & Waste Management – We plan implement water supply systems for rural and urban settlement structures and operate entire water supply systems in cities and developing regions around the world.

Healthcare – We provide comprehensive delivery of medical clinics, individual medial departments in hospitals. We are also equally acknowledged as suppliers of individual operational units, technologies, and interior fittings for healthcare. Our factory Built methodology of modular construction assures our clients, worldwide a Fast-Track procurement strategy and execution of projects at highest quality time.

Food & Agri Processing – Have strong interest in participating in the Foods & Agri processing value chain through trade, investment, innovative projects, technology transfer and sharing best practices.


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  • We help facilitating global trading, distribution and supply chain management for capital goods and services.
  • We ensure secured supply & deliveries of capital and non-capital goods to buyers, international vendors, consumers spread across the globe.
  • We have strong relationships with some of the world’s most dynamic dealers and numerous independent suppliers from whole of Europe.

EPC & Project Management

  • We facilitate Supply Chain logistics by acting as the single point source to the consumer for the downstream OEM Suppliers, sub-suppliers and Logistics.
  • We also facilitate in sourcing best OEM and sub-suppliers from Scandinavian and European Region at an affordable and competitive costs
  • Our fundamental objective and focus is on managing the most cost effective EPC projects for our clients.
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Export finance solutions

  • We address financing challenges for complex projects
  • We utilize our strong ties with Scandinavian Export Credit Agencies and top credit insurance agencies for competitive financing from Tier 1 Banks
  • We offer attractive trade finance options and arranging buyer's credit for major investments in collaboration with national and international financial institutions.


  • We can arrange consolidated shipping & logistics services for our customers and buyers.
  • We also provide access our customers with European standard warehousing and storage solutions in the Scandinavian region of Sweden and Denmark.
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Founder's Profile: Mr. Carsten Tilm

Meet Mr. Carsten Tilm, the forward-thinking founder of TILM Contractors. A Master in Electrical Engineering since 1991, Mr. Tilm played a pivotal role as a key member of the development team that pioneered Bluetooth™ in 1998, which was later acquired by Motorola Inc. His extensive corporate experience includes ventures with Ericsson, Philips, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Honeywell.

Mr. Tilm has developed a strong foothold in renewable energy since 2009, Mr. Tilm's leadership extends to the solar industry, featuring acquisitions of PV land-based Solar Plants in Germany. His dynamic expertise, honed at Vestas Wind System, enriches TILM Contractors with a profound understanding of construction and renewable energy, particularly in the African market.

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Join us on a journey of excellence and environmental responsibility at TILM CONTRACTORS, where we turn challenges into sustainable opportunities, and global aspirations into reality

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Ongoing Projects

Past Projects

  • Supply Fire Vehicles and Equipments for a Ghana Sovereign
  • Managing Scandinavian Supply Chain for Ghana Sovereign
  • Supply of Power & Transmission related equipment for a Transmission & Distribution Power Line project in Angola
  • Consolidating, Managing and Aggregating medical equipments related supplies for an Indian Pharma Company
  • Consolidating, Managing and Aggregating specialty chemicals for an Indian Trader

TILM CONTRACTORS’s past projects:

  • Solar EPC works & Asset investments – Danish Sun Energy
  • Solar & Wind Green Field Project Development – Danish WindSun Development
  • Real Estate, hotel operations – K/S Slotshotellet, Aalborg Denmark
  • Solar Operations – Lönnewitz GmbH and Ellrich GmbH in Germany

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1 MWp Solar Plant Ellrich

Pier 5 Hotel - Aalborg

5 MWp PV Solar Plant Lönnewitz

11 MWp Wind & Solar Plant


Tilm Contractors APS

Address: Alfred Munkholms Vej 16, DK-9000 Aalborg, Denmark

Corp. Reg. No: DK-41161310

OFFICE HOURS: Monday to Friday | 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (CET)


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